First Timer’s Guide to SXSW

First time to sxsw? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Here’s a few pointers for your first time at SXSWi: wear comfortable shoes plan ahead (also know you will not make everything you’ve planned). I suggest using Plancast so you can have everything with you. Also sync your Facebook events and Eventbrite to your Plancast […]

Apps I use to make Instagram awesomer

InstaEffects (filters and editing) Instagallery (slideshow and searches) Instamessage (add text to images) InstaBam (find instagrammers local to you) Instacollage (create new image from multiples) LabelBox (add sticker-like text) WordFrame (use photos as a background in words) Camera+ (editing, cropping and color correcting) Tweet

SocialNerdia {Food Brands}

Here are some fun things going on with food brands at the moment. Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order a Pizza in One Tap [VIDEO] >> Mashable A pizzeria, Red Tomato, in Dubai has unveiled a new refrigerator magnet that actually orders pizza in a single tap. Impulse eaters beware. [brightcove vid=1530888932001&exp3=1275216913001&surl=,AAABBzUwv1E~,xP-xFHVUstjFMsS-3Kb8-iZB6sJ0hUm_&lbu=] Chipotle Recycles Billboards For Earth […]

Dominoes, Bonfires, Bubbles and Smiles

With all of the changes to brand pages on Facebook, we are enjoying watching how big brands are opting to roll out the new Timeline. Earlier this month, Coca-Cola unveiled its Facebook Timeline in partnership with some fun flash-based interactive websites. Coca-cola challenged fans with little puzzles to keep them engaged. One by one, the […]

SocialNerdia {Instagram}

Inside Instagram: How Slowing Its Roll Put the Little Startup in the Fast Lane >> Gizmodo Yes, Instagram is where your friends drop photos of their lunch. But it’s more than that: It’s a real-time window that peers out into the wide world. It’s where millions post photos of revolutions, riots, the ugly, the beautiful, […]

SocialNerdia {Pinterest}

Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins >> LL Social If you post a pin to Pinterest, and it links to an ecommerce site that happens to have an affiliate program, Pinterest modifies the link to add their own affiliate tracking code. If someone clicks through the picture from Pinterest and makes […]

SocialNerdia Download {Gen Y}

3 ways to keep your young workers motivated >> CBS News To meet the desires of younger employees who want more learning opportunities, structure your culture around promoting outside training and internal mentorship, Robert Hosking says. “If you’ve got somebody on your team who you know wants more, give them more,” he advises. Customer Behavior […]

SocialNerdia {Fun & Games}

The 10 Super Bowl Commercials That Blew up the Biggest in Social Media >> AdAge A list of the 10 Super Bowl spots that garnered the highest levels of response, as tracked by Bluefin across social media (primarily on Twitter and Facebook). Top Social Games & Why They Are So Popular [Infographic] >> Bit Rebels […]

SocialNerdia {Big Brands}

Shazam Ties Into the Sounds of Super Bowl Spots >> NYTimes Brands partnered up with Shazam to engage viewers in these sponsored commercials that aired during Super Bowl 46. Shazam’s logo was placed in a handful of commercials while a song was playing. The partnered brands and Shazam hope the commercials will provide viewers a furthered […]

Bite-Sized Insights from #Blogwell 2012 {part 2}

As promised here is part 2 of the tweetable moments from BlogWell in Dallas. Part 1 can be found here. United Airlines: Let’s Chat, presented by Lora O’Riordan Northwestern Mutual: The Search for Engagement and Results, presented by Neal Linkon AMD: Contesting to Drive Awareness, Advocacy, and Revenue, presented by Jon Peters Level 3: How […]