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Inside Instagram: How Slowing Its Roll Put the Little Startup in the Fast Lane >> Gizmodo

Yes, Instagram is where your friends drop photos of their lunch. But it’s more than that: It’s a real-time window that peers out into the wide world. It’s where millions post photos of revolutions, riots, the ugly, the beautiful, and the banal.

12 Most Prodigious Brands Using Instagram >> 12most

his iOS photo-sharing app with easy filters and addictive social sharing already boasts over 15 million users and was recently named “app of the year” by Apple’s App Store. As businesses look to broaden their reach in the New Year with new social networks, many are asking, “Is there a place for my brand on Instagram?” Instagram can offer brands a couple of key opportunities. A quick scan of Instagram’s users shows that several brands from a variety of industries are already sharing interesting photos.

Krispy Kreme Sets Out to “Glaze the Nation” Via Social Media >>
Customer Insights Group

Krispy Kreme is setting out to tour the nation with their “Cruiser” 1960-vintage Starliner bus to mark their 75th anniversary. Fans can track the bus in real-time on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re encouraged to connect with the bus on Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. >> Customer Insight Group

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