The days are getting shorter

“You do get to a certain point in life where you have to realistically, I think, understand that the days are getting shorter, and you can’t put things off thinking you’ll get to them someday. If you really want to do them, you better do them. There are simply too many people getting sick, and […]

The only commodity we have is time

Jason Fitzpatrick, a writer who has written over 4,500 articles at Lifehacker gave his notice to the internet yesterday that he is leaving Lifehacker. I love his closing words, his advice is a great reminder for us all. The only commodity we have is time. Somewhere—in your mind, on a notepad, stashed in a virtual […]

50 Inspirational Quotes on the Art & Science of Design

50 Inspirational Quotes on the Art & Science of Design Tweet

Slow Down!

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drink coffee …

Love this silly magnet at one of my fav local breakfast places: Drink Coffee … Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy Tweet


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Life is about timing

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Creative Thinking

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Simplicity is the Key to Successful Living

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Fear of the Unknown

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