Apps for Helvetica Lovers

My undergraduate degree is in Communication Design (aka graphic design) and although I don’t do much design these days I do still have the font nerd inside of me. The other day I stumbled across an app called HelvTime that shows you the current time in a prettier (although less practical manner). When I first […]

Holiday Goodness from

I can’t EVEN count the number of “so and so company is wishing you a happy holiday” emails I’ve received over the past few weeks. I’ve been deleting most of them *gasp*. BUT… I totally heart this illustration in‘s holiday email: Are you using alice yet? You should. I found out about Alice because […]

My Life in Photos

This is beyond awesome! Lots of weddings, friend’s babies, pictures of my pets and of course me being silly. My Pummelvision from elysa rice on Vimeo. Tweet

My Year in Status

So there are any number of silly facebook apps/games/plugins that I see on any given today. Today I saw one that made me stop… not because it was overly brilliant but just because I’m in a mode of “year ending” and I liked the visual recap provided of my 2010 in My Year in Status. […]

400 ampersand glyphs: “Coming Together” to Support Haiti

We have already established that I have a special place in my heart for ampersands. So, of course I was excited to see this morning from Veer that a new typeface with 400 ampersands was created to raise money for Doctors Without Borders to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. In response to the devastating 2010 […]

ampersand: three-hundred and sixty five

I think the sign of a true designer is someone who can appreciate a beautiful ampersand. If you don’t know what an ampersand is, I’m sorry we are going to have to break-up. You may not know but there’s a whole cult following around the love of ampersands. Today I discovered yet another blog (well […]

Picturing the Past 10 Years

This graphic recount of the 2000s is pretty awesome! via swissmiss Tweet

bad restaurant menu design

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover … but can I judge a restaurant by it’s menu? Because I do. That’s why I love that BittBox found a Flickr group devoted to Bad Menus. Tweet

this commercial is beautiful

Audi Q5 Commercial – Click here for more home videos Tweet

50 Inspirational Quotes on the Art & Science of Design

50 Inspirational Quotes on the Art & Science of Design Tweet