apps for printing Instagram & other photos from iPhone

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Apps for Helvetica Lovers

My undergraduate degree is in Communication Design (aka graphic design) and although I don’t do much design these days I do still have the font nerd inside of me. The other day I stumbled across an app called HelvTime that shows you the current time in a prettier (although less practical manner). When I first […]

Black Friday: 10 Free Apps to Save Money

The day after Thanksgiving (can you believe that’s this week already?) has become coined as “Black Friday”, the ultimate shopping holiday. For those of you who are planning on getting a jump on your holiday shopping, I’ve created a list of free iPhone apps that will help you save money and help plan for Black […]

Travel Apps

While I’m traveling I find that I’m even more dependent on my phone and various apps than when I’m home. These apps make my life easier when I’m on the road (or a plane). Any of your favs I should add? See my thoughts and download the apps here. Posted via web from elysa’s posterous […]

10 Apps for Indoor Kids

Those of us who belong to the “indoor kids” club, couch potatoeing or hibernating, like a special category of apps that enhance our introvert lifestyle. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time indoor kid you’re sure to love some or all of these! 10 Apps for Indoor Kids Tweet