Apps for Helvetica Lovers

My undergraduate degree is in Communication Design (aka graphic design) and although I don’t do much design these days I do still have the font nerd inside of me. The other day I stumbled across an app called HelvTime that shows you the current time in a prettier (although less practical manner).


When I first downloaded the app it was having trouble updating the time but it appears that bug was fixed. While this app probably wont stay on my phone for long, because it doesn’t serve much purpose, I did decide to see if there are other apps that are an ode to Helvetica. And wouldn’t you know there are several.

So I decided to make a list of Free Apps for Helvetica Lovers. Here are the icons of the apps. You can read my writeup/description/download link for each app here:

6 iphone apps for helvetica fans

iPhone Apps for Helvetica Lovers

And in case you were wondering here are all of the Helvetica related apps on Appolicious.

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  1. Colin says:

    Courier FTW.

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