Dominoes, Bonfires, Bubbles and Smiles

With all of the changes to brand pages on Facebook, we are enjoying watching how big brands are opting to roll out the new Timeline. Earlier this month, Coca-Cola unveiled its Facebook Timeline in partnership with some fun flash-based interactive websites. Coca-cola challenged fans with little puzzles to keep them engaged. One by one, the […]

SocialNerdia {Big Brands}

Shazam Ties Into the Sounds of Super Bowl Spots >> NYTimes Brands partnered up with Shazam to engage viewers in these sponsored commercials that aired during Super Bowl 46. Shazam’s logo was placed in a handful of commercials while a song was playing. The partnered brands and Shazam hope the commercials will provide viewers a furthered […]

SocialNerdia {social media integration}

Embeddable Tweets >> Twitter Blog Earlier this month, Twitter added the ability to be embed tweets directly into your web page or blog post. You can see an example of this on our blog post here on RedUrban about Blogwell. You Can Now Post Full Size Instagram Pics To Facebook (And Timeline) >> TechCrunch “You […]

SocialNerdia {plans and predictions for 2012}

30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 From the Pros >> Social Media Explorer I personally follow the majority of the pros who added their predictions for 2012. And although I enjoy their separate voices, it’s always interesting for several people from differing backgrounds to come together with one goal. It will be interesting in December, […]

SocialNerdia {social network changes}

Pinned Posts, The Twitter Brand Page Feature Facebook and Google+ Should Steal >> TechCrunch The new Twitter brand pages have recently been rolled out, there is a feature that TechCrunch thinks should be added to business pages on Facebook and Twitter. WordPress has a similar feature, and I agree it’s nice to be able to decide […]

A Life on Facebook


My Life in Photos

This is beyond awesome! Lots of weddings, friend’s babies, pictures of my pets and of course me being silly. My Pummelvision from elysa rice on Vimeo. Tweet

10 Apps for Indoor Kids

Those of us who belong to the “indoor kids” club, couch potatoeing or hibernating, like a special category of apps that enhance our introvert lifestyle. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time indoor kid you’re sure to love some or all of these! 10 Apps for Indoor Kids Tweet

Big Money: Facebook 50

Big Money recently released The Big Money Facebook 50, a ranking of the brands that are currently making the best use of Facebook. Various metrics—including fan numbers, page growth, frequency of updates, creativity as determined by a panel of judges, and fan engagement—were factored into each page’s score and ultimate rank on the list. Coca-Cola, […]