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Shazam Ties Into the Sounds of Super Bowl Spots >> NYTimes

Brands partnered up with Shazam to engage viewers in these sponsored commercials that aired during Super Bowl 46. Shazam’s logo was placed in a handful of commercials while a song was playing. The partnered brands and Shazam hope the commercials will provide viewers a furthered experience of the product or service advertised.

Facebook’s Mobility Challenge >> NYTimes

More than 400 million Facebook members log into Facebook on a cell phone. Facebook hasn’t found a way to generate money from that use.

Google Unveils New ‘Solve for X’ Project >> Techland

Google launches a new forum project that “encourages and amplifies technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.” Not much information for this project, titled ‘Solve for X’, has been released yet.

Top Brands on Pinterest >> Mashable

The top three brands using Pinterest successfully according to Mashable are Whole Foods, Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens. Their practices include pinning from various sources, repinning to build followers and engage with them, and targeting a broad range of topics

Apple Reportedly in Deal with China Telecom For iPhone 4S >> Forbes

Apple has been rumored to have reached a deal to distribute a version of the iPhone 4S in China. Though Apple already has a business deal with China Unicom, this new partnership is going through China Telecom.

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