SocialNerdia {plans and predictions for 2012}

  • 30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 From the Pros >> Social Media Explorer
    I personally follow the majority of the pros who added their predictions for 2012. And although I enjoy their separate voices, it’s always interesting for several people from differing backgrounds to come together with one goal. It will be interesting in December, to look back to see how many of these predictions come true.
  • Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it >> Business Grow
    “ten legitimate business reasons why your company should be blogging — even if you can’t seem to build a community of active readers.”
  • What Facebook Wants You To Know About The Future of The Social Web >> smedio
    Although this post is a few months old (acient in internet time) these Facebook changes are slowly being rolled out as we speak.
  • The Top Ten Social Media Lessons of 2011 >> Forbes
    This is part 1 of a two part series of what Forbes contributor, Christopher Barger, believes to be the top social media lessons of 2011
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