SocialNerdia {Food Brands}

Here are some fun things going on with food brands at the moment.

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order a Pizza in One Tap [VIDEO] >> Mashable

A pizzeria, Red Tomato, in Dubai has unveiled a new refrigerator magnet that actually orders pizza in a single tap. Impulse eaters beware.
[brightcove vid=1530888932001&exp3=1275216913001&surl=,AAABBzUwv1E~,xP-xFHVUstjFMsS-3Kb8-iZB6sJ0hUm_&lbu=]

Chipotle Recycles Billboards For Earth Day >> MediaPost

Fans who buy a bag between March 26 and April 14 -– selling exclusively on ($18) — will receive a barcode with the bag that’s redeemable for a free Chipotle menu item (burrito, bowl, salad or taco) on Earth Day (April 22).

8 Best Practices for Food Brands on Pinterest >> Mashable

Food is one of the major niches or shared interests on Pinterest. In fact, food lovers were among the first on Pinterest; they saw the benefits of pinning instead of clipping recipes. These foodies used boards to plan dinner parties, collect holiday baking ideas, and create their own virtual cookbooks.

Starbucks to open first Evolution Fresh juice store >> USA Today

Starbucks’ new retail chain Evolution Fresh will concentrate on juices and health food products. The first store is set to open in Bellevue, Wash., with more stores set for Seattle and elsewhere. The Evolution Fresh brand, currently sold in grocery stores in Washington and California, will appear in Starbucks outlets as production ramps up.

Hot Dog Sellers Relish Vienna Beef’s Custom SMS Offering >> Chief Marketer

“It’s not like an email, which everyone basically ignores if they’re not interested or available at that moment,” says Bodman. “If you get a text message, you’re going to stop and check it out right away. And if it’s a coupon you’re interested in, chances are you’re going to redeem it soon too.” For Vienna Beef, it’s a way to stay in touch with their clients and to act as a partner in building their businesses.

Fanta Fans Go Timeline Traveling on FacebookBrand hides cartoon characters throughout history >> AdWeek

Fanta is experimenting with Facebook’s new brand pages by running a contest for fans to find four cartoon characters hidden in the brand’s Timeline history.


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