First Timer’s Guide to SXSW

First time to sxsw? Don’t worry we’ve all been there.

Here’s a few pointers for your first time at SXSWi:

  • wear comfortable shoes
  • plan ahead (also know you will not make everything you’ve planned). I suggest using Plancast so you can have everything with you. Also sync your Facebook events and Eventbrite to your Plancast so it’s all together. If you are a google calendar fan (like me) I also have a guide on how to get your Plancast plans on your Google Calendar.
  • bring extra battery backup for your electronic devices – I’m a Mophie for iPhone fan personally
  • if you have one, bring a power strip, it’s a great way to make friends… and there are limited outlets in the convention center this is the ONLY way you will convince someone to unplug their beloved gadget.
  • Texas weather is crazy pack layers… and an umbrella. Did I mention comfortable shoes?
  • the internetz will break, so you will want people’s phone numbers or a Group texting app like GroupMe or Beluga
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