{Linkable} Week of 10-27

10 Ways To Make Evernote Rock Harder http://feedly.com/k/19aFwZy Now You Can Get Twitter Direct Messages From Any Follower—If You Dare http://buff.ly/19MNHfw INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook’s Role In Holiday Shopping http://allfacebook.com/infographic-offerpop-holiday-shopping_b126093 Facebook IOS App Users Can Now Edit Posts, Comments and Following Update http://allfacebook.com/ios-app-66_b126061 Google Will Now Sell … Facebook Ads http://readwrite.com/2013/10/18/google-facebook-ads Want Happier Employees? Feed Them http://buff.ly/175Owjc Facebook Extending Custom Audiences To All […]

{Linkable} Week of 10-20

Less Than 25% Of Companies Succeed At Digital Experience Delivery [Forrester]http://buff.ly/17ofKho The Evolving CMO http://buff.ly/16GA9l6 via Bryan Kramer Designing The Words: Why Copy Is A Design Issue | Smashing Magazine http://buff.ly/16Gzdx8 8 Keys To Creating An Office Where Ideas Flow | Co.Design | business + design http://buff.ly/16GzzE2 Interesting app concept // No More Awkward Small Talk: Refresh App […]

{Linkable} Week of 10-13

Writing Blog Content That Google Wants Is Completely Different To Just Writing Content & Here’s Why http://buff.ly/1gnbKVz The 4 Things An Entrepreneur Should Never Delegate – Forbes http://buff.ly/19d4SVy Demystifying Persona – How to Create Engaging Content Based on Persona?http://buff.ly/1gncx91 These Self–Assembling Cube Robots Are The Coolest Thing You’ll See Todayhttp://buff.ly/1gnd9LI via Fast Company Fantastic resource: “The 101 Best […]

{Linkable} Week of 06-06

because… Monday RT @buzzshift: Cats Vs. Printers Compilation http://t.co/1gNuJyF9Ot via @MakeUseOf ^ee cc: @emilyschwarting -> 25 Clever Ways to Keep Your Workspace Organized http://t.co/Wri5mXNHPv -> Gen Y ladies: I have a super short survey on GenPink today about diamonds that could win you $100! http://t.co/CtSiydwwNv -> Yep. 23 is my super power! RT @esomebody: 31 […]

{Linkable} Week of 05-30

ze coffee/tea station is setup! http://t.co/0pVFDKK9K6 -> found all my #Disney and Pixar VHS & DVDs! http://t.co/hTca4cE5YP -> sometimes it's fun to lay on the ground and look at things from a different perspective http://t.co/idGR6LIvKr -> random: how many FB swap/sell/treasure exchange groups are you in? I'm thinking these are the new garage sale. -> […]

{Linkable} Week of 05-23

am <3ing this Hi Ho Silver color of #SallyHansen, it goes with everything! 💅 http://t.co/4VVmjfriuC -> haven’t had enough coffee = spill coffee on my dress. heh. ☕ (@ Tuesday Morning Corporation) http://t.co/f2USFZon6K -> … and with that we are officially home owners! @ Capital Title http://t.co/xfES53gvtS -> RT @BuzzShift: At #HPBNC? Look for #ShareVZ […]

{Linkable} Week of 05-16

and raw Key Lime Cheesecake to go (rest of our order/photos on dallasfoodnerd IG) @ Be Raw http://t.co/uKyH9Mk8Li -> Visualize The Most Shared & Viewed Videos On The New YouTube Trends Maps [Updates] http://t.co/G8gDkIX9qi -> A picture of Earth through time http://t.co/jVq1yPwfMW -> Locals Only: 15 Geographical Gift Ideas http://t.co/otCqXeEzvy -> French Toast Roll Ups […]

{Linkable} Week of 05-09

The Internet summed up… http://t.co/kGJkh1Smr3 -> {@DallasFoodNerd} Taste: The Competition – Part 2 Sides (and the winners!) http://t.co/eZD9dNBLib #FoodNews #chimayocorn -> 13 Different Ways to Get Free Books http://t.co/iBet2jaLES -> 11 Tips to Make Your Travel Photos Worthy of National Geographic http://t.co/YgUJZhfYnq -> Mac and Cheese… http://t.co/M5xsUk8Z8n -> Friday night. Party animals! @ FedEx Office […]

{Linkable} Week of 05-02

50 years of color http://t.co/NVIarYyrY9 -> question: what's your favorite (random) thing from Trader Joe's? -> In Britain, You May No Longer Own Your Instagram Photos http://t.co/7GEwgUz3Qw // @littlewarrior -> it seems I use #instagram the most these days. Are we IG friends? my username is genpink. What's yours I'll add ya? -> Introducing the […]

{Linkable} Week of 04-25

super cute & comfy shoes in April @luckymagazine 💚👣 http://t.co/BBEU8QdL3D -> haven't been to this location yet @ Torchy's Tacos http://t.co/OampnVOETG -> am thinking I need to organize *something* into these cute boxes #client @ Tuesday Morning http://t.co/Kn6UwGm63i -> so these people built their fence around their trees? http://t.co/kI3vZkZAEb -> quite twisted. especially since it's […]