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The 10 Super Bowl Commercials That Blew up the Biggest in Social Media >> AdAge

A list of the 10 Super Bowl spots that garnered the highest levels of response, as tracked by Bluefin across social media (primarily on Twitter and Facebook).

Top Social Games & Why They Are So Popular [Infographic] >> Bit Rebels

Bit Rebels studied the top 10 social games and what makes them so popular. The infographic takes a look at why people love the games, the top reasons they play social games in general and what devices are most frequently used. With over 100 million people playing games on various social networks these stats are worth looking at. Ad spending for brand (such as McDonald’s, Expedia, MTV, and Volvos) are up 60% since 2009.

The Crazy Tattoo Infographic About Tattoos >> Bit Rebels

Usually the format of an infographic is based on ordinary straight forward graphics and layout. There’s not too much to get excited about more than the actual data presented in it.

However, there are people out there who have a new approach to all of this. One such person is Paul Marcinkowski who decided that flipping it up a little would be a good idea for his school project. His approach was to make an infographic about tattoos. It’s not just any boring infographic though since it’s actually done by tattoos! {spoiler alert: the tattoos are not real they were done in Photoshop}

10 Ways to Market Like a Super Bowl Ad Agency>> OPEN Forum

This year, large corporations spent upwards of $3.5M for 30 seconds of  commercial time. This translates into roughly a cost of 3 cents to reach every viewer!  It’s fun (and sometimes useful) to look at successful themes and tactics that Superbowl marketing campaigns used this year.

Starbucks strikes big on Facebook with social media-specific artwork >> iMedia

Heineken’s new Facebook application is giving fans the chance to send their valentine a personalized date video >> Simply Zesty

Based on the brand’s second global film ‘The Date,’ users can send the songs to potential partners, inviting them on a date. Available in twenty languages, ‘The Serenade‘ is designed to put love in the air and smiles on faces around the world.

Procter & Gamble’s Eukanuba brand is encouraging fans to submit photos of their dog on Facebook for a chance to be a part of their exclusive 2013 calendar. >> Promo Magazine

Eukanuba, a P&G brand, has launched a contest that strikes at the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere: post a photo of your Boxer or Spaniel for the world to see. Oh, and, by the way, you could win a year’s supply of dog food.

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