Here are some fun things going on with food brands at the moment.

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order a Pizza in One Tap [VIDEO] >> Mashable

A pizzeria, Red Tomato, in Dubai has unveiled a new refrigerator magnet that actually orders pizza in a single tap. Impulse eaters beware.
[brightcove vid=1530888932001&exp3=1275216913001&surl=,AAABBzUwv1E~,xP-xFHVUstjFMsS-3Kb8-iZB6sJ0hUm_&lbu=]

Chipotle Recycles Billboards For Earth Day >> MediaPost

Fans who buy a bag between March 26 and April 14 -– selling exclusively on ($18) — will receive a barcode with the bag that’s redeemable for a free Chipotle menu item (burrito, bowl, salad or taco) on Earth Day (April 22).

8 Best Practices for Food Brands on Pinterest >> Mashable

Food is one of the major niches or shared interests on Pinterest. In fact, food lovers were among the first on Pinterest; they saw the benefits of pinning instead of clipping recipes. These foodies used boards to plan dinner parties, collect holiday baking ideas, and create their own virtual cookbooks.

Starbucks to open first Evolution Fresh juice store >> USA Today

Starbucks’ new retail chain Evolution Fresh will concentrate on juices and health food products. The first store is set to open in Bellevue, Wash., with more stores set for Seattle and elsewhere. The Evolution Fresh brand, currently sold in grocery stores in Washington and California, will appear in Starbucks outlets as production ramps up.

Hot Dog Sellers Relish Vienna Beef’s Custom SMS Offering >> Chief Marketer

“It’s not like an email, which everyone basically ignores if they’re not interested or available at that moment,” says Bodman. “If you get a text message, you’re going to stop and check it out right away. And if it’s a coupon you’re interested in, chances are you’re going to redeem it soon too.” For Vienna Beef, it’s a way to stay in touch with their clients and to act as a partner in building their businesses.

Fanta Fans Go Timeline Traveling on FacebookBrand hides cartoon characters throughout history >> AdWeek

Fanta is experimenting with Facebook’s new brand pages by running a contest for fans to find four cartoon characters hidden in the brand’s Timeline history.


With all of the changes to brand pages on Facebook, we are enjoying watching how big brands are opting to roll out the new Timeline. Earlier this month, Coca-Cola unveiled its Facebook Timeline in partnership with some fun flash-based interactive websites.

Coca-cola challenged fans with little puzzles to keep them engaged. One by one, the marketer released little riddles, that, if solved, led you to destinations that provided fun-filled digital treats.

I love the cross promotion and interconnectedness of the strategy, not to mention that the sites are fun. By having fans fill in the blank, based off clues, new interactive sites are rolled out in stages. So far I’ve seen:

I think the dominoes are my favorite.

The latest clue is

Inside Instagram: How Slowing Its Roll Put the Little Startup in the Fast Lane >> Gizmodo

Yes, Instagram is where your friends drop photos of their lunch. But it’s more than that: It’s a real-time window that peers out into the wide world. It’s where millions post photos of revolutions, riots, the ugly, the beautiful, and the banal.

12 Most Prodigious Brands Using Instagram >> 12most

his iOS photo-sharing app with easy filters and addictive social sharing already boasts over 15 million users and was recently named “app of the year” by Apple’s App Store. As businesses look to broaden their reach in the New Year with new social networks, many are asking, “Is there a place for my brand on Instagram?” Instagram can offer brands a couple of key opportunities. A quick scan of Instagram’s users shows that several brands from a variety of industries are already sharing interesting photos.

Krispy Kreme Sets Out to “Glaze the Nation” Via Social Media >>
Customer Insights Group

Krispy Kreme is setting out to tour the nation with their “Cruiser” 1960-vintage Starliner bus to mark their 75th anniversary. Fans can track the bus in real-time on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re encouraged to connect with the bus on Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. >> Customer Insight Group

Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins >> LL Social

If you post a pin to Pinterest, and it links to an ecommerce site that happens to have an affiliate program, Pinterest modifies the link to add their own affiliate tracking code. If someone clicks through the picture from Pinterest and makes a purchase, Pinterest gets paid. This is particularly noteworthy for brands with affiliate programs.

Pinterest Hits 10 Million U.S. Monthly Uniques Faster Than Any Standalone Site Ever >> TechCrunch

TechCrunch has attained exclusive data from comScore showing Pinterest just hit 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, crossing the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone site in history.

10 Reasons Pinterest Booked 10 Million Visitors a Month So Fast >> Forbes

The fact that this post on Forbes has over 20,000 views is a pretty clear indicator that it’s a must read.

Flickr disables Pinterest pins on copyrighted images (exclusive) >> VentureBeat

The Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site has just added Pinterest’s newly introduced do-not-pin codeto Flickr pages with copyrighted or protected images.

“Flickr has implemented the tag and it appears on all non-public/non-safe pages, as well as when a member has disabled sharing of their Flickr content,” a Flickr representative confirmed to VentureBeat Friday. “This means only content that is ‘safe,’ ‘public’ and has the sharing button enabled can be pinned to Pinterest.”

Pinterest: Not Just for Stay-at-Home Moms and Aspiring Wedding Planners >> MarketingProfs


3 ways to keep your young workers motivated >> CBS News

To meet the desires of younger employees who want more learning opportunities, structure your culture around promoting outside training and internal mentorship, Robert Hosking says. “If you’ve got somebody on your team who you know wants more, give them more,” he advises.

Customer Behavior – Gen-Y Won’t Buy Without User-Generated Input >> MarketingProfs

With a population of roughly 75 million, or 25% of the total US population, Gen Y (born 1977-1994) is estimated to be the largest consumer group in US history, according to McKinsey. Gen-Y’s annual spending power, which already exceeds $200 billion, is expected to eclipse Boomers’ by 2017.

This article looks at key findings from the study titled “Talking to Strangers: Millennials Trust People over Brands,” by Bazaarvoice.

How to manage the 3 generations of women in today’s workforce >> Small Business Trends

The key to helping your women achieve to their full potential at work is to understand where they are coming from, Rieva Lesonsky writes. Different age groups of women face different challenges — Generation X women and baby boomers tend to have more familial responsibilities than younger women do. Offering your employees flexible working conditions can help them to handle the challenges they face, she writes.

The 10 Super Bowl Commercials That Blew up the Biggest in Social Media >> AdAge

A list of the 10 Super Bowl spots that garnered the highest levels of response, as tracked by Bluefin across social media (primarily on Twitter and Facebook).

Top Social Games & Why They Are So Popular [Infographic] >> Bit Rebels

Bit Rebels studied the top 10 social games and what makes them so popular. The infographic takes a look at why people love the games, the top reasons they play social games in general and what devices are most frequently used. With over 100 million people playing games on various social networks these stats are worth looking at. Ad spending for brand (such as McDonald’s, Expedia, MTV, and Volvos) are up 60% since 2009.

The Crazy Tattoo Infographic About Tattoos >> Bit Rebels

Usually the format of an infographic is based on ordinary straight forward graphics and layout. There’s not too much to get excited about more than the actual data presented in it.

However, there are people out there who have a new approach to all of this. One such person is Paul Marcinkowski who decided that flipping it up a little would be a good idea for his school project. His approach was to make an infographic about tattoos. It’s not just any boring infographic though since it’s actually done by tattoos! {spoiler alert: the tattoos are not real they were done in Photoshop}

10 Ways to Market Like a Super Bowl Ad Agency>> OPEN Forum

This year, large corporations spent upwards of $3.5M for 30 seconds of  commercial time. This translates into roughly a cost of 3 cents to reach every viewer!  It’s fun (and sometimes useful) to look at successful themes and tactics that Superbowl marketing campaigns used this year.

Starbucks strikes big on Facebook with social media-specific artwork >> iMedia

Heineken’s new Facebook application is giving fans the chance to send their valentine a personalized date video >> Simply Zesty

Based on the brand’s second global film ‘The Date,’ users can send the songs to potential partners, inviting them on a date. Available in twenty languages, ‘The Serenade‘ is designed to put love in the air and smiles on faces around the world.

Procter & Gamble’s Eukanuba brand is encouraging fans to submit photos of their dog on Facebook for a chance to be a part of their exclusive 2013 calendar. >> Promo Magazine

Eukanuba, a P&G brand, has launched a contest that strikes at the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere: post a photo of your Boxer or Spaniel for the world to see. Oh, and, by the way, you could win a year’s supply of dog food.

Shazam Ties Into the Sounds of Super Bowl Spots >> NYTimes

Brands partnered up with Shazam to engage viewers in these sponsored commercials that aired during Super Bowl 46. Shazam’s logo was placed in a handful of commercials while a song was playing. The partnered brands and Shazam hope the commercials will provide viewers a furthered experience of the product or service advertised.

Facebook’s Mobility Challenge >> NYTimes

More than 400 million Facebook members log into Facebook on a cell phone. Facebook hasn’t found a way to generate money from that use.

Google Unveils New ‘Solve for X’ Project >> Techland

Google launches a new forum project that “encourages and amplifies technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.” Not much information for this project, titled ‘Solve for X’, has been released yet.

Top Brands on Pinterest >> Mashable

The top three brands using Pinterest successfully according to Mashable are Whole Foods, Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens. Their practices include pinning from various sources, repinning to build followers and engage with them, and targeting a broad range of topics

Apple Reportedly in Deal with China Telecom For iPhone 4S >> Forbes

Apple has been rumored to have reached a deal to distribute a version of the iPhone 4S in China. Though Apple already has a business deal with China Unicom, this new partnership is going through China Telecom.

As promised here is part 2 of the tweetable moments from BlogWell in Dallas. Part 1 can be found here.

United Airlines: Let’s Chat, presented by Lora O’Riordan

Northwestern Mutual: The Search for Engagement and Results, presented by Neal Linkon

AMD: Contesting to Drive Awareness, Advocacy, and Revenue, presented by Jon Peters

Level 3: How We Took the "Blah" Out of "Corporate Blogging", presented by Ben Bacon

Sidebar: With any conference, the conversations in the hallways (and after the sessions end) also add to the overall story. also used Storify to pull together tweets from the whole day:

[View the story “BlogWell Dallas” on Storify]

  • Embeddable Tweets >> Twitter Blog
    Earlier this month, Twitter added the ability to be embed tweets directly into your web page or blog post. You can see an example of this on our blog post here on RedUrban about Blogwell.
  • You Can Now Post Full Size Instagram Pics To Facebook (And Timeline) >> TechCrunch
    “You can now send your Instagram photos full size to Facebook, and they automatically display “beautifully” in your Facebook Timeline. Photos shared from Instagram will appear in your Timeline with the original caption that you posted on Instagram”
  • Create an Infographic with your Twitter Activity >> labnol
    This is a fun little tool to be able to analyze your twitter activity. The data it’s able to pull is dependant on how frequently you tweet, Here’s my data since August 2011.

On Tuesday, 300+ socialmediaites joined together at Blogwell to listen, learn and interact with representatives from 8 Large Brands on real results from their use of social media from a brand perspective. Aside from some technical issues with wifi, I’d say overall the day was a huge success, not only for the presenters but also the participants.

I happen to be of generation multitask, so I was live-tweeting as quickly as possible during each session. I’ve heard concerns from generation singletasker that tweeting while attending a conference makes you miss the message, I believe the opposite. I think knowing that I’m planning on tweeting (to 11,000 people) about what’s being said over the microphone, requires me to listen with intent. I’m filtering my listening for that one sentence (140 character), important take away. Following along with the twitter hashtag for #blogwell, allows me to see what bullet points my fellow audience members found important. Also, since there were two sessions running simultaneously, I was able to eavesdrop on the other sessions via twitter.

And so, according to the people of twitter, here are the key take-aways from the first BlogWell in Dallas.

AT&T: Blair Klein, Executive Director, Emerging Communications
Learn how AT&T brought social media inside the firewall to create powerful business results.

Texas Instruments: Amplify Your Sales Teams with Communities, presented by Aimee Kolnaskas & Forrest Lymburner

Coldwell Banker Real Estate: Using Video to Change the Real Estate World, presented by David Siroty

Shell: Crossroads: Integrating the Social, Mobile, and Marketing Worlds, presented by Maria Amezaga

Social Media Ethics Briefing: Staying Out of Trouble, presented by Andy Sernovitz

Sidebar: With any conference, the conversations in the hallways (and after the sessions end) also add to the overall story.

{part 2 with highlights from United Airlines, Northwestern Mutual, AMD, and Level 3 will be posted Wednesday}

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