The best money you ever spent without actually spending any!

Do you remember when you used to get email forwards with kittens and rabbits? Maybe you’re like me, and some of your family didn’t get the memo that they could start their own Tumblr, with all the kittens they want, instead of sending emails with Fwd: FWD: Fwd in the subject. ANYWAY, these days when […]

How to Make Plancast and GCal Be Friends

In T-minus a few days (yippie!) I’ll be among the masses in Austin for this year’s Nerd Spring Break 2010 (that is SXSW of course). There are entirely too many events to keep up with. Which is why, I am being quite friendly with Plancast. Being the nerd that I am, I figured out how […]

What I’m Looking Forward to in March

This upcoming month is going to be jam packed with excitement, and traveling, and meeting fabulous people. Pretty sure I’ve never been so excited! What’ I’m looking forward to this month: 3rd: I’m going to be on TV! I was interviewed by a local new station about my blog and life in the social media […]