The best money you ever spent without actually spending any!

Do you remember when you used to get email forwards with kittens and rabbits? Maybe you’re like me, and some of your family didn’t get the memo that they could start their own Tumblr, with all the kittens they want, instead of sending emails with Fwd: FWD: Fwd in the subject.

ANYWAY, these days when I get cool emails rather than hitting forward I’d much rather put it on the blog because a) I really don’t like email and b) the awesomeness can more easily be passed around. SO…. this is me turning an email from Jenn Besse into a blog post. But first, do you follow her on twitter, because you should. If you are not convinced yet, how about if I tell you her twitter handle is @bottlethecrazy? I thought so.

After you read this you will also agree that this is for an awesome cause (hello several of my BFFs are teachers!) and you too will want to spread the word, I’m sure!

* * *

Hello fellow Awesome Faces!

I apologize in advance for the bulk email, but in my defense, I rarely do these – and they’re usually about hacking incidents. I actually have good news this time – today is your day to be a hero!

*insert Sarah McLachlan music here* Every day teachers step into the classroom and teach our future leaders. The children, in turn, make us laugh by filming hysterical YouTube videos and saying, well, the darndest (Gmail, that is a word) things. But sometimes teachers can’t afford their classroom. Without inspiration, how can these children entertain us? Obviously I’m thinking of the kids here, and so are the SXSWAngels. The Angels are a team of 5 LA ladies participating in Chevy’s SXSW Road Trip Challenge. Why does this matter? Because they are raising money for Adopt-a-Classroom and Border Stylo (my company) is helping.

We’re asking our community to share a story about their favorite teacher on our Facebook wall. For every blurb we receive, Border Stylo will donate $1 to Adopt-a-Classroom as part of the SXSWAngels’ fundraiser. I normally wouldn’t bug you with this sort of thing, but I loved school and have a lot of good memories to share. Unfortunately, Border Stylo says I don’t count. I already sent in a personal donation, but now I’m hoping you guys can help me out.

All you have to do is go here ( and share your favorite teacher memory. No money necessary. No app permissions. And absolutely no Sarah McLachlan. We’ll be collecting stories until March 10th – after that we’ll donate the money and create a blog post with all of the teacher shout-outs so people can see the awesome stories that have been shared.

Do it for this kid: 

Thanks in advance you guys! And, of course, if you’d like to donate on your own, you can chip in here:

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  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you oh so much for helping spread the word! It is super appreciated and I know the SXSWAngels will be excited. And the kids, of course 🙂

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