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Have you ever been in a relationship that you weren’t sure about? It isn’t terrible but it also isn’t great. How about a job? Ever had a job that you felt like you should like but for some reason something is off.

I firmly believe once you find the right fit in any area of your life you realize how truly wrong your previous option was.

I’ve had several jobs in my 20-some-odd years. In fact I started working at the age of 12. I’ve had jobs I was good at, short lived jobs (hello waiting tables for 3 weeks), jobs that I stayed in because I thought that’s what you were supposed to do, jobs I was great at but wasn’t sure what was missing… that was all until I found my people. Seriously? The group of people I work with now might very well be my long lost cousins. Geeky. Nerdy. Mega intelligent. Hilarious. did I mention nerdy. Brilliant Innovators. Game changers. Creative. Thoughtful. again funny. Connected. Inspiring.

And so this year, I can truly say… I heart by job! And I found my people.

This post is dedicated to the awesomesauce team of Bizzy! Wanna join our party? you’re invited go to Bizzy.com and sign up you’ll get to see the magic of magicians behind Bizzy. I promise you’ll thank me.

Sidenote: I also find community offline and online with the fabulous people of Social Media Club of Dallas. And online with rockstars at Brazen Careerists. Online with fellow 20something bloggers at 20sb. AND app loving geeks at Appolicious.

Can you tell I’m a community lovin’ kind?!

{in participation with reverb10: Community Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010?}

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  1. thara says:

    This is great. All your posts! That right fit, in any part of life…You just know, I guess. Like finding your tribe. A great reminder to move on from something that doesn’t feel quite right, and trust that your people will find you. Thanks!

  2. Sometimes it’s all about what you don’t know you don’t know. People are so content just feeling “OK” or “good enough” in a relationship, whether personal or professional, because they don’t even know that there’s a better fit for them out there.

    Change is so good! You’re lucky to have found your people. Your team sounds like a group I could definitely get along with, too! hehe

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