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I’ve just recently started reading fiction books. The start of this hobby, funny enough, came when I got my iPad and thus the Kindle app. I started by reading a few of the Kindle books available for free or less than $5. I figured if I was going to test out jumping into fiction books I wasn’t ready to invest much in the event that I was just a fan of “learning” while reading.

One of the books I picked up (errr downloaded) was called A Scattered Life. They (whoever “they” are) say you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but being someone with a design background I most certainly pick books based on the aesthetics of the cover in addition to the title. The one sentence description certainly helped in the deciding factor –

“Most people have everything they need to be happy.” The words latched onto some part of Skyla’s brain. She repeated the phrase to herself while she rang up books and stocked shelves. It had a certain resonance to it, but she doubted it was true.

I tend to be a person with about 47 things going at once. When I read a blog post that recommends 3 books, I’m the type to stop mid sentence on the blog post, jump over to amazon and save that book to my to-read list, then head back to the blog to finish reading. At any given moment, twitter, yammer, and various email accounts may be dinging at me looking for attention while I’m working on something else. Pandora is usually playing in the background from my TV. This works for me most of the time. But sometimes it’s necessary to shut off all the noise, to disconnect from the world. As I write this I’m being serenaded by the dishwasher and Taylor Swift. How’s that for writing inspiration?

I picked up A Scattered Life because I’ve had people ask me, how do you keep up with all those things? blogs. apps. friends. music. social media. family. texts. emails. news. you name it. To an outsider my life may seem scattered. BUT to me it’s not. Everything works together. Having lunch with a friend can be blog inspiration, spark an idea for work or result in wanting to look up a recipe for the food we’ve had. I believe that everything in life has the stone in a pond effect.

When I read the reverb prompt for today: “Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?”, I almost just posted “nothing and everything“. That is my short answer there isn’t anything that DOESN’T contribute to my writing but everything that isn’t writing takes time that could be allotted for writing. I however, don’t hold myself to a strict deadline of must write X number of posts a week. I write when something interests me, I share writing of others that inspires me and sometimes I choose nothing.

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