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When I was in college I discovered that I am at my most creative at 3am. If I’m awake at that time, which happens randomly I often find myself wanting to write or doodle or design something. If I’m not awake I may experience a brief spark of an idea that either presents itself as a dream or wakes me up briefly. Some time in October I had one of these moments. There are so many bright people that interact with online that I’m constantly inspired by. I’d consider myself a connector and social media and the blogging world has made that easier for me. The idea that came to was that I need a way to share the insights of all the creative minds I knew with all of the other people I engage in conversation with. A so began the hamster ball in my head…

the result…

I reached out to about 50 bloggers/writers/friends/strangers to ask them if they wanted to participate in a series I was planning to run. The series pitch – I’m want to close out 2010 with a series of top 10 lists, you can write on ten things you should, ten things not to, ten must try, ten anything you can think of as long as you tell me your topic ahead of time. The catch… I wanted to post the series as an ABC set so December 1st would be A, December 2nd B, and so on. Keeping in mind that there’s a pretty major holiday, or two, that fall in that time frame.

the responses…

a great number of yeses! Within a few days I had every letter of the alphabet filled, topics from dating to resumes, skydiving to yoga. The more responses I got back the more excited I was about how this was going to turn out.

and so, I made…

a month long blog series with 37(ish) writers that is received a great response from the writers and the blogging community. From this series I’ve already heard, one of the contributors has decided to write a book on the topic that she decided to add to my top 10 series, 2 existing authors get a new audience to share their book with, a few newbie writers get a platform to practice their creativity, and existing bloggers get to stretch their legs on new sand for a bit.

in the planning and in the execution throughout the month of December I made: Connectivity.

The posts in the series that are up so far:

{in participation with reverb10: What was the last thing you made?}

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  1. Alaia says:

    Thanks for sharing your series. I’ve bookmarked this page. Can’t wait to read the posts!

  2. elysa says:

    glad you like the series Alaia. you can actually subscribe directly on to be notified of the new posts there’s a box on the homepage to get notified via email if ya like –

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